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time, this one taken in york in the cloud was 5 degrees. the temperatures under the cloud had not changed a lot. there is that sliver of sunshine that we have in parts of southern england and also eastern scotland. temperatures are slowly rising there but still pretty cold. the mildest weather is in western scotla nd the mildest weather is in western scotland and northern scotland as well as northern ireland where it is pretty cloudy and likely to stay that way overnight. a lot of the holes in the cloud might fill in, the main area of clear skies is confined to this part of the uk, temperatures down to “4. even with a lot of cloud it is quite cold so temperatures will not be far from freezing in the east of the uk in particular. the cloud will thin at times at the weekend to give a bit of sunshine but not as much as we we re of sunshine but not as much as we were thinking earlier. a lot of dry weather. a fair bit of cloud but fairly thin. some sunshine coming through but not as much in the afternoon around the west country or the welsh marches. a lot of dry
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weather, light winds, drawing on some more cloud from the atlantic and it picks up in the far north—west later ahead of some rain arriving in the evening. these are the temperatures, still quite chilly, 4—6d and maybe a little higherfurther chilly, 4—6d and maybe a little higher further west. chilly, 4—6d and maybe a little higherfurther west. in chilly, 4—6d and maybe a little higher further west. in the north—west, that cloud and rain on that front but it is weakening all the while and running into this persistent area of high pressure thatis persistent area of high pressure that is keeping the weather fine, dry and quite. it is all down to amounts of cloud and that will make amounts of cloud and that will make a big difference on sunday. not as frosty on sunday, more sunshine for scotla nd frosty on sunday, more sunshine for scotland this time and for a while in northern ireland before it clouds over and there are some spots of rain. generally dry for england and wales, a bit of sunshine but not as cold on sunday, temperatures are likely to be as high as nine or 10 celsius. looking at the beginning of next week, the high is squeezed out into europe, allowing a big area of low pressure to approach the north, windy weather in northern scotland
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developing, severe gales, up to 70 mph. that continued into monday night and tuesday but on tuesday the wind direction will change to more ofa wind direction will change to more of a north to north—west elite which will bring some sunshine and maybe one or two wintry showers —— north—westerly. it will feel colder on tuesday but probably only briefly. thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... child health experts say there's not enough evidence to show that screentime is harmful to children's health and parents are the best judge of how long their children should spend on devices. even reading, which we think of as a really important thing, actually is a bit ofa really important thing, actually is a bit of a sedentary occupation that can keep you up at night. we think there is a balance to be struck. lotto jackpot winners to give millions away after shock of scooping a £115 million prize. all of the conversations about what
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you would do if went out of the window and we sat staring at each other for window and we sat staring at each otherfor ten minutes, we literally said nothing! what would you do? that's all from the bbc news at one so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon, i'm will perry, here's your latest sports news. how much of an impact will last night's result have on liverpool's attempt to lift the premier legue trophy for the first time? manchester city's 2—1 win at the ethiad reignited the title race, narrowing the gap tojust four points. it was a fascinating game. sergio aguero gave city the lead with his 250th league goal, just before half time. and they stayed ahead until the 64th minute, when roberto firmino equalised. city manager pep guardiola had said they needed to win this match to keep in touch with liverpool.
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leroy sane produced the decisive moment 18 minutes from time, with a little help from the post, to end liverpool's 20—game unbeaten run. i don't remember a league so tough, with the amount of contenders fighting for the title. i think for the premier league, maybe you wouldn't agree, maybe for the premier league it would be good because everybody is close and every game would be a final. it doesn't feel really good, but it's not a massive thing, because this is the most difficult game of the season, away at city. away at tottenham, away at united, arsenal, most of them we have had now already, so, yeah, that's what it is. the third round of the fa cup kicks off tonight with premier league contenders tottenham away at league two tranmere. tranmere are going well in the league, having been promoted from the national league in the summer. spurs have lifted the trophy eight
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times in their history, the last coming back in 1991. 7a places between the two sides and a potential banana skin for maurico pochettino. we need to be sure that we show our best face. pesto, right attitudes, thatis best face. pesto, right attitudes, that is going to be key to winning this type of competition. the fa cup isa this type of competition. the fa cup is a massive competition that bracket the different level that we are in different leagues, but the competition, always, if you're not right and taking the right way the competition, you can struggle. the football association is asking people to come forward with information after an unnamed england player was reported to have been kicked out of a nightclub for taking cocaine. the allegations were made in the sun newspaper. the fa can ban players found to have breached its social drugs policy, with a first—time offence carrying a suspension of up to three months.
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they say it remains a priority for them to find and sanction anyone found taking performance—enhancing or recreational drugs. the newspaper alleges the incident occurred during a pre—christmas team get—together after an away game. and the head of the united states anti—doping agency, travis tygart, has repeated his call for russia to be suspended from competition after officials refused to grant investigators access to a moscow laboratory at the heart of the doping scandal. tygart says the situation is a total joke and has urged wada — the world anti—doping agency — to reverse a recent decision to allow russian athletes to compete in international competition, provided certain steps are taken. when we going to wake up, stop getting played by the russians, who perpetrated this scheme, and put an end to it. and skip clean athletes a clear image that we have their bike
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and their decision to compete clean is right. we're sorry the did this. make no mistake, it was nobody‘s fault but the russians they attempted to pull this scheme off in the first base and they got away with it. but now was the time to have them accountable, that is what the rules, when unforced, that is what the demands. that's all the sport for now, but there's much more on the bbc sport website, including news of a loan signing for bournemouth with nathaniel clyne joining from liverpool. that's and i'll be back in afternoon live. the winners of a euromillions jackpot of almost £115 million have been revealed as frances and patrick connolly from moira in county down. 0ur ireland correspondent chris page has been speaking to them about their plans and how they came to realise that they had won the the fourth—biggest euromillions jackpot in the uk. new year's day — i logged in, checked my e—mails, thought, oh, i'll go and check the lottery numbers — which we had
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only put on a lucky dip, 12 o'clock that day. checked my numbers and they were all ticked and i thought, does that mean we won? i went to the bbc website, checked the numbers there, again — a match. i then went on the third website and i checked again and they matched. so i turned the computer towards frances and said, i think i've got some good news for you. what did you think? i looked down at the computer and i thought, lottery ticket, but i'm blind as a a bat so i didn't know what was on it. i said, yeah, 0k, what? he says, we won. yeah, but how much did we win? i honestly made the assumption he meant £1000 or, you know, one of those wins. he said, no, you're misunderstanding me. we've won. and i said some things i shouldn't have said and accused him of lying to me. he said, no, i wouldn't make a joke
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about something like that. he was shaking by this stage. we spent some time sitting just staring at each other. then we spent some more time checking to see what prize it might be — just in disbelief. we were overwhelmed. so whenever the publicity dies down a bit, you're back at home — how different do you think life will look and feel like for you? i don't think we even understand where it is. we're just taking one day at a time, at the minute — it's been a frantic few days. it will be great giving people good news and sharing our success with family and friends. what happens after that, we haven't even thought about. i think it's going to be wonderful for us the next few years. wonderful for our families and grandchildren.
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so... look, it's superb. it's too much money not to have a practical impact on your life. you know, we're not going to be in the same house, we're not going to be going on the same holidays, we're not going to be driving the same car. i mean, we haven't particularly thought about, not at this minute in time. but the plans have already been made. you know all those conversations over the breakfast table about, what would you do if you won the lottery? you have now! like everybody else in the country, we have plans for that and i'm sure they will stay in place. we won't let anybody down. we will be spending some money. but we're fairly well grounded, we are notjoining the jet—set life. we want to help people, to share the money. when we've had a bit of fun, a bit of travel, we'll come back and help some businesses. paddy will want to get back in the saddle. and, we'll do some good.
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good luck to them, and enjoy it, frances and paddy. as we reported earlier, the first x—ray scanner has been installed in a prison in england, as part of the government's programme to reduce drug—related violence. it can detect packages hidden inside a prisoner's body. earlier, annita spoke to mark fairhurst, who's the national chair of the prison officers' association. he told me he thinks the scanners are a vital resource in the fight against drugs in prisons. this is one of a body of measures that we can use to prevent illicit items coming into ourjails. there's only going to be ten jails that have these body scanners. we want them in all presence, and we want everyone entering a prison, including staff and visitors, going through these scanners and being searched thoroughly, like you do at an airport. annita also spoke to frances crook, who's the chief executive of the howard league for penal reform. she was more sceptical about whether these scanners will be effective.
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the trouble is that if you're saying it's like an airport, at an airport, everybody is scanned — staff, visitors, everybody. the problem in what they have in leeds is one machine, where they're going to do some of the prisoners, some of the time. so i think we're looking to technology to solve a much more complicated problem and i don't think it's really going to be a big part of the solution. with the arrival of the new year, the stage is set for more technological innovation and growth, but challenges loom. our technology correspondent rory cellan—jones looks at the road ahead and predicts what's next for driverless technology, electric cars, ai, and more. 2019, the year the driverless car becomes a reality, or maybe hits a major bump in the road. it was once just a science—fiction dream, but in the last five years,
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rapid advances in artificial intelligence have brought autonomous vehicles a lot closer. the tech giant google has led the way, investing billions in teaching cars to sense their surroundings. but traditional carmakers like general motors and mercedes—benz are catching up, wary of the threat autonomy poses to their business model. after years of testing, 2019 will see the first commercial services, albeit on a very small, local scale. google‘s waymo division, with its pilot scheme in phoenix, arizona, is leading the way. but general motors is planning a robot taxi service with its chevy bolt self—driving car sometime this year. elon musk‘s tesla, a start—up called zoox, and ride—hailing giant uber are among the other contenders, though maybe 2020 is a more realistic target for their commercial services. but uber‘s test fleet was taken off the road after a fatal collision with a pedestrian.
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a reminder of why we should be cautious about the speed of this revolution. but if autonomous cars are far away, the electric motoring era is arriving fast. tesla's model 3 — cheaper than its previous cars — is finally appearing in decent numbers on the world's roads. in 2019, volvo will end production of new product lines of petrol—fuelled cars to focus on electric. but it's in china that more electric cars may be built and bought than anywhere else. and it's this market which could shape the future of motoring. that's partly because most of the batteries which are a key component of electric cars are built in china, and manufacturers are clustering near to the suppliers. companies like dyson, which is to open an electric car factory in singapore, are deciding to head east for the future of motoring. that may be true, too, when it comes to research into artificial intelligence.
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we're used to hearing about the likes of google, microsoft and amazon pouring billions into ai. indeed, for many of us, it's amazon's alexa voice assistant which has been the first practical use of the technology. but chinese giants like tencent, baidu and alibaba are also investing vast sums in artificial intelligence. they're advancing on many fronts including healthcare and robotics, but it's facial recognition where china already has a lead. in many countries, the deployment of surveillance technology and the gathering of large amounts of personal data promise to be the subject of anguished ethical debate for years to come. not so in china, which may give it an edge in the vital race to dominate ai. a usjudge has rejected the singer ed sheeran‘s call for a legal case, accusing him of copying parts of marvin gaye's let's get it 0n,to be dropped.
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in his decision, district judge louis stanton said a jury should decide, adding that he found substantial similarities between several of the musical elements in the two works. well, ed sheeran denies ripping off sections of marvin gaye's song for his number one hit, thinking out loud. let's have a listen to that song by ed sheeran now. # will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? # will your eyes still smile from your cheeks? # darling, i will be loving you till we're 70...#. that's ed sheeran‘s song — and now let's listen to marvin gaye's classic from 1973, let's get it on. # trying to hold back this feeling for so long # and if you feel like i feel, baby # come on, oh, come on, ooh # let's get it on...#.
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that's my favourite! i can't possibly passjudgment that's my favourite! i can't possibly pass judgment on that, of course. earlier my colleague annita mcveigh spoke to amanny mohamed, who's a broadcaster and critic on art and entertainment, and began by asking her if the two songs sound similar. i think they sound quite similar. but when i first heard the song, i didn't really think it was strikingly obvious. there are many songs that sounds like many other songs, and it's arguable how much creative license one can take. if you think of an idea in your head, how can you prove it's yours? we all love songs and are inspired by art and music. essentially, things do get copied. i don't think it's
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particularly similar. it doesn't strike me as terribly obvious. what's interesting about this is that ed sheeran‘s defence is that this marvin gaye song is more sexual in overtone, it's more racy. whereas his song is much more about long—term relationships, it's bit more melancholic and the song is slower. so you do really have to listen quite hard to pull the similarities. and you also have to ask the question, where do you define the border between influence and copying? absolutely. there are so and copying? absolutely. there are so many and copying? absolutely. there are so many songs and copying? absolutely. there are so many songs that sound similar. we can't deny that at all. what's interesting about this is that the same lawyer has just represented the marvin gaye estate and has won against pharrell williams for his song blurred lines. this was a case
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going on for 2.5 years. they win that this case. the lawyer is now after 18 giroud for the same kind of thing, and who knows, maybe he will get what he wants out of ed sheeran. versailles, i think ed sheeran is not unethical, and i would be hard pushed to believe he intentionally took the song and copied it. it's interesting thejudge took the song and copied it. it's interesting the judge has took the song and copied it. it's interesting thejudge has bombed this decision to a jury. really interesting. the jury will have to decide whether the harmonic rhythms are the same. what's in question here is the bass and percussion. when you submit — my understanding is when you submit a piece of music do the copyright society in the uk, you do have to provide sheet music which shows you each of the notes. so i think the
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jury, i'm wondering if they will come from a musical background, whether they will have to compare compositions of those two songs and actually really seeing note for note if he's copy did or whether itjust sounds similar. and you could argue that this riff is quite common. the song is a0 years old. matra sure there are other songs that sound similar, is i'm hard pushed to believe ed did this intentionally. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news: children's health. police said there is growing evidence that members of criminal gangs getjobs is growing evidence that members of criminal gangs get jobs in prevalence to smuggling drugs as the first x—ray scanner isn't sold in a prison in england. the foreign
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0ffice confirms that a us marine accused of spying in russia is also accused of spying in russia is also a british citizen. this is the business news. it mayjust be four days into the new year, but the average boss on the ftse 100 has already earned more than the typical worker will earn all year. the average pay of a fts e100 chief executive is just over £1000 per hour. the typical uk salary isjust under £30,000. energy supplier economy energy has been banned from taking on new customers until it improves its customer service. the energy regulator, 0fgem, said the ban would remain in place for three months to allow the firm to improve. it must also address billing and payment failures, and issue customer refunds in a timely manner. nine credit unions went bust last year, the highest number in the united states, 3000 newjobs
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we re in the united states, 3000 newjobs were added to the economy in december. the unemployment rate stands at 3.9%. this is watched by traders around the world and likely to push up the stock market when it opens. now, if you have been trying to buy or sell a house over the last year, you will know it's a pretty tricky market. it's different depending on where you are. but the latest numbers for last year have been put together by the nationwide building society and they show overall house prices werejust 0.5% higher in december than they were a year earlier. this is the slowest annual rate of growth since early 2013. what's the reason? well, the nationwide puts it down to the uncertainty. but that uncertainty isn't effecting everyone. in northern ireland, for instance, house prices grew a%. home owners in the east midlands and wales saw similar rises. so it's not levelled all around the country. robert gardner, nationwide's chief economist, joins us. you would have thought northern
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ireland would have been one of the more uncertain economic areas of the country, bearing in mind what's going to be happening or not tapping we don't know what's going to get happening! why places like that doing quite well and others not?” think part of it is too due with the level of house prices. in northern ireland, prices are lower than a decade ago. in london, where prices fell slightly last year, prices are still 30% higher than a decade ago. apart from general, is that it, rather other aspects? stamp duty has been a rather other aspects? stamp duty has beena dump rather other aspects? stamp duty has been a dump no? the thing that was unexpected is that house price growth has been running at two—3% in recent yea rs. growth has been running at two—3% in recent years. it slowed in december, and that occurred even though employment and income growth has started to pick up. borrowing costs are started to pick up. borrowing costs a re close started to pick up. borrowing costs
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are close to historic lows. it seems that it are close to historic lows. it seems thatitis are close to historic lows. it seems that it is the uncertain outlook dampening appetite at the moment. what did people worry about? do they think, we're moving, buying a house, let's not do it because of brexit. do people really think like that?” think brexit uncertainty was having a limited effect until december, because the labour market held up well and price growth have been stable. it just seems well and price growth have been stable. itjust seems to be the intensification of uncertainty towards the end of the year that is u nsettled towards the end of the year that is unsettled people and led them to hold off. near—term prospects are going to depend on how quickly that uncertainty going to depend on how quickly that u ncerta i nty left. going to depend on how quickly that uncertainty left. longtown, it will be how the labour market performance. london, it has been extremely expensive, is that the only reason why it's not getting more expensive? i think london has seenin more expensive? i think london has seen in the last six quarters very
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small house price declines, but that is because affordability has become stretched in london. it has outstripped prices in the uk by significant margin. the uk overall, prices are only about 16 percentile, compared to 30% for london. batters probably what's acting as dragging the capital more than anything else. thank you very much. three former credit suisse bankers have been released on bail in london for their alleged role in a £1.5 billion fraud scheme. the scheme allegedly involved loans to state—owned companies in mozambique, according to us authorities. as part of the case, mozambique's former finance minister has also been arrested. attempts to keep afloat the engineering arm of collapsed airline monarch have failed, with the loss of a08 jobs. the 50—year—old company, based at london luton airport, is unsustainable in its present form, according to monarch‘s
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administrators kpmg. after some sharp sell—off on the stock markets yesterday, there has been a recovery following some good numbers released by china on manufacturing output. and also news that a us delegation will visit china next week for talks aimed at defusing the trade war between the world's two largest economies. and we also have figures just out on employment in the united states, which will again push up the market. the ftse up. 0il looking stronger. apple, no figures that at the moment, but shortfalls yesterday following its warning about the sales it be having. pound against the euro, about the same as yesterday. that's all the business news. now it's time for a look at the weather. it's been a real lottery today in
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terms of the weather. this picture was taken in the prostate but sunny conditions earlier on in hungerford. it was minus five celsius when this was taken. at the same time in your place, the temperature was plus five underneath the clouds. the temperatures hava nt an underneath the clouds. the temperatures havant an awful lot. this is the extent of the cloud earlier, some breaks across eastern scotla nd earlier, some breaks across eastern scotland and that sliver of sunshine reducing in the coming hours. even in the sunshine, temperatures only just above freezing. mother conditions for scotland and northern ireland, the atlantic breeze blowing in clouds. down towards wales and the south west. but clearer skies and the lowest of the temperatures here. even with clearer clouds around elsewhere, colder, temperatures not much above
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freezing. chilly start to the weekend. bright, sunshine at times, but not white as much as we were expecting. dry weather, fine and bright through the weekend. the sunshine filling in that hole in the clouds. we will have brighter and sunny intervals. more cloud from the west, the breeze picking up in the north west of scotland, ahead of this band of rain. some clouds and an area of high pressure, temperatures around 5 degrees. some rain in the north west not amounting to much at all. the front bringing it weakening all the while as it the country. fading away neck to next nothing by it which is the south east. maybe a pinch of frost in the morning, more sunshine across scotla nd morning, more sunshine across scotland in the morning. more sunshine and northern ireland for a while before some drizzly rain. some
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sunshine further south, the air mild, temperatures around 10 degrees. like twins as well. into next week, the windsor peck up —— the winds picked up. scotland really picking up the wind in the northern half of the uk, gusts of up to saintmph through monday night and into tuesday. but by tuesday, looking difference, a northwesterly winds, coastal sunshine and showers as well. feeling cold in the wind but only briefly. hello, you're watching afternoon live.
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i'm reeta chakrabarti. today at 2.00 — parents are told to worry less about their children spending time looking at screens, as experts say there is no firm evidence it is harmful to their health. there are harms from screens, but actually screens bring us great opportunities, and we have to balance those. the first x—ray scanner is intalled in a prison in england, as police say there's evidence members of criminal gangs get prison jobs to smuggle in drugs. the us house of representatives passes legislation aimed at ending the two—week partial government shutdown. but president trump says he won't sign any


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